From Tissue to Imaging


BioMatrix Tissue MicoArray enables the simultaneous assay and analysis of a large number of human tissue samples in a single experiment. We have developed a unique tissue microarray platform utilizing high throughput molecular pathology and diagnosis to provide clinically relevant data and research services for quantitative and/or screening studies. We have collected over 20 different tumors with paired normal tissues and blood in our tumor biospecimen repository. We can provide standard and customized high-density tissue arrays, formalin fixed and frozen (OCT) tissue blocks and other research services. 
TMA image
  • In-house and customized Tissue MicroArrays with annotated information covering prognosis, treatment & response
  • Conventional pathology slides (regular glass-size)
  • RNA/DNA aliquot from the snap-frozen samples
  • Molecular Pathology Service including micro-dissection, IHC and FISH
  • Molecular Diagnosis Service including mutation detection, clinical diagnosis, gene expression profiling, genotyping and sequencing


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Motic's microscope based whole slide scanner offers uncompromised digital slide scanning as well as the accessibility of a full functioning manually controllable digital microscope.  With a starting price in the mid $30k, this is a system designed to put digital pathology in the hands of EVERY pathologist.  It is a versatile system capable of both bright-field and fluorescence imaging with excellent image quality and low system cost.  Motic also offers a REMOTE MICROSCOPE solution built on the same platform that compliments the capability of the whole slide scanning system.  For education, Motic offers an award winning DIGITAL CLASSROOM solution. 
GENOMICS & GENETICS gene expression picture

We have developed a portal for large scale cross-experiment gene expression data analysis that is open for all researchers to use.  This is a unique application that is capable of pulling together a large pool of experiments to allow scientists to research, compare and visualize their data in the context of microarray data sets from all experiments.

consulting pictureThe BioMatrix team offers extensive domain knowledge in genomic research, digital pathology, life science bioinformatics and health IT, management consulting experience in project and program management, and product and market development experience in digital pathology.  Our clients include product and service companies and research institutes, both in the States and in China.